Virtual Seminar: March 2nd, 2024 8:30am – 3:30pm EST


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Date subject to change based upon COVID-19 response, for the safety of class attendees and staff.

The insurance landscape has changed tremendously in the last 60 years, but reimbursements have changed very little for dental offices. Additionally, patients have fewer options for health care that maximizes their benefits. Professional Auxiliary Training was founded to assist dental office personnel in learning more innovative techniques to help expand patient care in their practices. By streamlining processes, understanding how to access benefits for more patients, and ensuring proper training is secured for the doctor and auxiliaries, teams are more efficient and offices more profitable.

Simple Medical Billing for Dentists is a streamlined course that teaches teams how to incorporate medical billing into any practice to increase case acceptance and improve practice cash flow. Medical insurance premiums are expensive. Dr. Tontra Lowe wants to help offices ensure their patients have access to every dollar available for their overall health. The mouth is a part of the body too!

This seminar and workshop allows for small group (not more than 18) training and learning that ensures participants can start to pay for their course before they leave — not on Monday.

Call 571-331-8949 for more information about our courses on medical billing for dentists in Chantilly, Virginia.

Course Checklist (detailed information given with registration completion):

1) Credential with CAQH as a nonparticipating medical provider for commercial plans. As a dentist, this is done through the ADA web site:

2) Establish a Facility NPI (Type 2) for Your Organization if you do not already have one (not necessary to attend course).

3) We will use to file claims for FREE (based upon number of claims filed). Go to and register. Once registered, contact support and let them know you are a dentist filing medical claims and need access to file both MEDICAL and DENTAL. Otherwise, you will not be able to file medical claims through this portal. For those of you already using Availity for dental claims, you can skip registering and simply contact support as noted above. If you do not want to register for this site, it is still okay, and you can still learn how to file claims in the course.

4) Collect Medical Cards:  Ask every patient for a copy of their medical card. Simple verbiage is effective, such as, “Some of the treatment in the mouth may be covered by your medical insurance and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.” Update your medical history forms to reflect that patients are giving you permission to file claims to both their dental and medical companies on their behalf.

5) If virtual, please be prepared to be ON VIDEO and in a quiet place to ensure the best learning experience.