Dr Lowe

Dr. Tontra Lowe

Our director, Dr. Tontra Lowe, is committed to helping dentists provide their patients with reasonable, inexpensive care through professional, clear and engaging medical billing training. The mouth is a part of the body, and medical insurance can help cover services that are medically necessary in the mouth, including crowns, implant reconstruction, orthodontic care, pediatric services and cyst removal. If you have any patients in your practice who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive conditions, or trauma that is impacting their ability to eat, chew and function properly, you can help them access hidden, unused medical benefits.

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Provide These Services?

You Should Bill Medical Insurance

  • Implants/Oral Surgery

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • Periodontal Therapy

  • CBCT or Panorex Scans

  • Sinus Lifts/Bone Grafts

  • Sleep Apnea Appliances

  • Dental Crowns / Veneers

  • Orthodontics / Endodontics

Our Program

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Immediately applicable information for your dental practice.


Insurance Navigation

Learn simple and effectives ways to help your patients gain the care they need.



Advice and guidance from real dental professionals with years of experience.

Don’t Take Our Word for It …

Awesome course! It was not overwhelming and you kept my attention unlike other classes of that length!

- Dr. A. Perry-Wright

I’m really happy you kept the course interesting, interactive and humorous. I’m looking forward to the FB group!

- Dr. Rita Wright

I’m so happy you introduced me to this. I feel like I’m not maximizing my potential. But that is behind me now. I’m definitely implementing this in my practice.

- Dr. Dana T.

You're an excellent instructor..very detailed and down to earth..makes learning easier

- Dr. J. Cummings

Thank you for spending your Saturday teaching us how to better serve our patients

- Dr. N. Dixon

In the month of October alone I treated a patient with an avulsed tooth from trauma, Endo due to trauma and referred another with severe gingival hyperplasia due to calcium channel blockers - the list goes on ( and it's all billable to medical insurance). We all know about the oral systemic link , with PPO fees decreasing, and the cost of business increasing this is an awesome, and legitimate way to increase our revenue.

- Dr. S. Allen


Virtual & On-Site Opportunities

Whether you are a local or from out of state, Professional Auxiliary Training provides classes for doctors and dental professionals both virtually and on-site at our training facility in Chantilly, Virginia. Our dynamic classes are designed to help you easily navigate medical insurance so you can provide your dental patients with affordable care and help them access every available dollar for their smile.

Learn To Maximize Medical Benefits For Your Patients Today!

Do you see any patients with diabetes and gum disease, GERD and enamel erosion, asthma, dry mouth and increased cavities, trauma to the mouth, or a history of drug abuse and a destroyed mouth? You may be able to help your patients access medical benefits to help pay for needed treatment in the mouth.